Alyssa + Tim | Vue on 30A Wedding

2016-04-28_0076Those adorable folks up there tied the knot this past weekend!! What a pleasure it was to be apart of such a beautiful day  with such a sweet couple <3 Sweet might even be an understatement for these two! They stuck with tradition & didn't see one another a head of the ceremony but still stood holding hands, each hiding behind a beam of the reception hall, while saying a quick prayer together before the ceremony got started. Tim wore Alyssa's late grandfather's cufflinks that day & Alyssa proudly wore the garter her mother had worn at her parents wedding. All day long, Alyssa wanted to be sure that her bridesmaids  as well as everyone else was okay & having a good time. & Tim....he was sure to let his brothers stand on the high side of the sloped ground so that they could attempt to look a little bit closer in height to him during their pictures together. haha!!

2016-04-28_00012016-04-28_00022016-04-28_00032016-04-28_00042016-04-28_00052016-04-28_00062016-04-28_00072016-04-28_0009 Aw :) When Alyssa got all dolled up & saw her daddy for the first time, the tears started flowing!! && not just from Alyssa! haha Such a sweet moment! 2016-04-28_00102016-04-28_00112016-04-28_00122016-04-28_00132016-04-28_00142016-04-28_00152016-04-28_00162016-04-28_00282016-04-28_00292016-04-28_00302016-04-28_00172016-04-28_00182016-04-28_00192016-04-28_00202016-04-28_00212016-04-28_00222016-04-28_0023 2016-04-28_00252016-04-28_00242016-04-28_00262016-04-28_00272016-04-28_00312016-04-28_00322016-04-28_00332016-04-28_00342016-04-28_00352016-04-28_00362016-04-28_00382016-04-28_00372016-04-28_00392016-04-28_00402016-04-28_00412016-04-28_00422016-04-28_00432016-04-28_00442016-04-28_00452016-04-28_00462016-04-28_00472016-04-28_00482016-04-28_00572016-04-28_00582016-04-28_00592016-04-28_00602016-04-28_00612016-04-28_00622016-04-28_00632016-04-28_00642016-04-28_00492016-04-28_00502016-04-28_00512016-04-28_00522016-04-28_00532016-04-28_0054 2016-04-28_00562016-04-28_00652016-04-28_00662016-04-28_00672016-04-28_00682016-04-28_00692016-04-28_00702016-04-28_00712016-04-28_00722016-04-28_00732016-04-28_0074 The Jacob Mohr Band was pretty awesome! Their rendition of Dixie Land Delight was fantastic :) 2016-04-28_00552016-04-28_0075


Have a happy Thursday, y'all!! Hugs <3 kWright

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