Rachel | 2016 SENIOR

This beautiful gal is attending her last few weeks as a high school student! Soon, she will graduate from Bozeman High School with almost a year of college under her belt already! She is such a sweet, adorable, smart young lady & I am so thrilled she invited me to her families home to capture this special time for her <32016-04-06_00122016-04-06_00112016-04-06_00102016-04-06_00092016-04-06_00082016-04-06_00072016-04-06_00062016-04-06_00052016-04-06_00042016-04-06_00032016-04-06_00022016-04-06_0001

Congrats, Rae!! You have such a bright future a head of ya, girl :)

Hugs <3